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Wednesday - Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM
Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Last admission at 3:20 PM



Warsaw Citadel
Plac Gwardii Pieszej Koronnej
01-519 Warsaw


Price List

Regular ticket: 35 PLN
Concession ticket: 20 PLN
Thursday: free admission

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The collection of the Polish Army Museum contains over 300,000 artifacts. The collections continue to grow with new acquisitions and numerous donations. On August 13, 2023, the Museum opened the inaugural exhibition of its activity at its new location in the Warsaw Citadel titled "1000 Years of Polish Military Glory". Across a space of 2,700 square meters, a selection of approximately 3,000 of the most interesting and valuable artifacts representing a cross-section of a millennium of Polish military history were presented. In the near future, the remaining exhibits from the Museum's collection will be displayed in the permanent exhibition halls in four so-called "modules" - thematic rooms divided by historical epochs: module 1. 10th-18th century, module 2. 19th century, module 3. 20th century, module 4. Hall of the Orient, and module 5. Hall for Temporary Exhibitions. Among the exhibited artifacts, visitors will see, among others:

  • Ancient protective armaments: armors, helmets, shields.
  • Examples of cold steel weapons: swords, sabers, rapiers, spadas, estocs.
  • Examples of pole weapons: spears, lances, halberds.
  • Riding equipment: horse harnesses, saddles, stirrups, spurs.
  • Handheld firearms: arquebuses, muskets, pistols, rifles.
  • Military uniforms and personal equipment of soldiers.
  • Vexillology, orders, and commemorative badges.
  • Cannons, tanks, armored vehicles, airplanes, helicopters.
  • Memorabilia of national heroes, officers, and ordinary soldiers.
  • An extensive collection of battle paintings.

One of the largest museum complexes in Europe.

Branches of the Polish Army Museum

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