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On August 13, the Polish Army Museum opened its new headquarters in the Warsaw Citadel. It recreates the layout of the king's guard barracks from the time of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The new headquarters of the Polish Army Museum is a modern pavilion that utilizes the latest technical capabilities and architectural solutions while simultaneously reflecting historical forms and Polish military traditions. It provides a fitting setting for the rich collections and serves as a Museum headquarters for the 21st century. In addition to the exhibition halls, it houses a storage for exhibits as well as state-of-the-art multimedia and conference rooms, enabling the Museum to offer cultural events and educational activities.





April 22, 1920

Creation of the Polish Army Museum

Józef Piłsudski, as the Chief of State, issued a decree to establish the Army Museum. Colonel Bronisław Gembarzewski became its director.


March 24, 1922

Opening of the Army Museum

General Józef Haller officially opened the Army Museum in the building at 15 Podwale Street.



Relocation of the headquarters to Jerusalem Avenue

Relocation of the Polish Army Museum to the building of the National Museum on 3 Maja Street (today's Jerusalem Avenue) in Warsaw.



German occupation

By the outbreak of World War II, the Museum had amassed about 60,000 exhibits. During the occupation, part of the collection was plundered and transported to Germany, and the museum's interiors were turned into warehouses for the Waffen-SS.



Zmiana nazwy placówki

Placówka zmieniła nazwę na Muzeum Wojska Polskiego.


Styczeń 1946

Reopening of the Museum

After the end of the war, the institution was once again made available to the public as the first Museum operating in liberated Warsaw. Thanks to reclamation efforts, it was possible to recover about 40,000 exhibits.



Plan to Relocate the Museum

An architectural competition for the transformation of the Warsaw Citadel into a museum complex, which was to become the new headquarters of the Polish Army Museum, was settled. The project was not realized.



Opening of the Katyń Museum

In the Warsaw Citadel, the new headquarters of the Katyń Museum was opened, which has been operating since 1993 in Fort Sadyba. It is the first institution in the world to function as a martyrological, museum, and research center documenting the Katyń massacre. The idea of relocating the main headquarters to the walls of the Citadel was revisited.



First Exhibits in the New Headquarters

The first exhibits - four armored vehicles - were transported to the new headquarters of the Polish Army Museum in the Warsaw Citadel using air cushions.


January 2023

Last Day in the Old Headquarters

The Polish Army Museum closed its doors to visitors at the Jerusalem Avenue building on January 29. To mark the occasion, a farewell historical picnic was organized with the participation of reenactment groups.


August 2023

Preparations for the opening of the new branch of the Museum in Ossów.

Museum of the Battle of Warsaw 1920 in Ossów - future headquarters.


August 13, 2023

Opening of the New Headquarters

The opening ceremony of the new headquarters of the Polish Army Museum was graced by the representative company of the Polish Army, a military band, and units of foot and mounted historical reenactors. A brief fencing demonstration was also presented, along with an artillery salute signaling the opening of the museum. Until September 3, the new headquarters of the Polish Army Museum could be visited free of charge.

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