Photo report from the Historical Picnic on the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the Polish Army Museum and the 230th anniversary of the Kościuszko Uprising

A historical picnic is behind us to celebrate a double anniversary: the 104th birthday of the Polish Army Museum, celebrated for the first time in its new headquarters at the Warsaw Citadel, and the 230th anniversary of the Kościuszko Uprising. On these occasions, we have prepared numerous stands for visitors, demonstrations of weapons from various eras, lectures on the ancient art of war and tastings of military dishes.
The official opening part of the event took place at the Crown Guard Square in front of the new Museum building. This is a symbolic place because in the 18th century there were barracks and a training ground for the royal foot guard. This unit also participated in the Kościuszko Uprising, numbering approximately 1,000 soldiers, and after the fall of the uprising, it remained in a reduced number until the end of the First Polish Republic.
On the square, in the presence of the Representative Company of the Polish Army, subunits of uniformed classes with banners, pro-defense organizations and reconstruction groups, there was a demonstration of 18th-century drill and a reenactment of Tadeusz Kościuszko’s oath taken on the Krakow market square in 1794.
The ceremony was attended by a representative of the Ministry of National Defense: Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defense, Cezary Tomczyk. Speeches were also delivered by the Director of the MWP, prof. Ph.D. Bogusław Pacek and a senior employee with 50 years of work experience – senior custodian Mr. Roman Matuszewski.
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Photo A. Uriasz / MWP


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